A new round of price war in color TV industry is about to start

“Every year's holidays, the sales of domestic color TV manufacturers are better than those of foreign manufacturers,” said market researchers. In August of this year, the price war of liquid crystal panels launched by Samsung and LG made China's color TV complete machine enterprises passive. In this context, domestic manufacturers were forced to join the first round of price wars before the National Day Golden Week. The reporter found that in this price war, the signs of domestic companies' main function cards are becoming more and more obvious, and this is the best weight to compete with foreign manufacturers.

Price war is about to start

It is also a Korean company. When domestic manufacturers rushed to prepare for the National Day Golden Week, the Korean company used the upstream advantage to launch a price war. In August, the price of LCD panels has become the focus of attention.

According to a survey report by DisplaySearch, the price of LCD panels in August is still declining in the presence of inventory pressure. From 17-inch LCD panels to 21.5-inch LCD panels, the overall price is falling. Among them, the price of 21.5-inch products is the largest, with as much as $7, and other specifications are down from $3 to $5. Xie Qinyi, president of DisplaySearch Greater China, told reporters that panel prices are falling to stimulate shipments, and some panel makers and original equipment manufacturers have even proposed a strategy of "price warfare to promote brands."

The reporter learned from a number of color TV manufacturers that the price war will definitely be played during the National Day this year. Especially in the process of transforming traditional CCFL LCD TVs into LED LCD TVs, the price war will be inevitable. From the information feedback from Gome, Suning and other channels, the price war in the domestic color TV market has started in advance, involving not only traditional CCFL LCD TVs, but also LED TVs and 3D TVs.

In addition to inventory pressure, Xie Qinyi said that the current consumer demand is tilting towards LED LCD TVs, and the sales of CCFL LCD panels are rapidly declining, which is one of the reasons for the decline in panel prices.

Zhong Yikang research director Peng Wei said that the sales scale of CCFL LCD TVs has reached a new high this year, after which LED backlight TV will gradually replace CCFL backlight TV. Color TV companies want to make the final money in the industrial upgrade, but the increase in inventory caused by the expected high price has forced the company to go a corner in the upgrade process.

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