Shenzhen: Building an internationally influential and domestic first-class LED industry cluster

According to the "Shenzhen LED Industry Development Plan" and "Some Measures to Promote the Development of Semiconductor Photo Industry", the Shenzhen Municipal Government will plan to build a semiconductor lighting industry cluster base in Guangming New District, and rely on the base to win major national and provincial projects to settle in Shenzhen. Shenzhen will select landmark buildings, urban roads, highways, tunnels, subways, plazas, typical urban areas, etc. to carry out demonstration work in batches, and build the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the main stadium of the Universiade and the landmark buildings into LEDs with distinctive Shenzhen characteristics. Lighting boutique project. The "Several Measures" explicitly require the government to invest in construction projects, and should gradually replace semiconductor lighting products with traditional lighting products.

Partial support policy

· "Planning" and "Several Measures" all proposed to increase financial support for the LED industry. For three consecutive years since 2009, in technology research and development, technological progress, intellectual property rights, standard strategic funds and expansion of domestic and foreign market funds, etc. Among the special funds, more than 100 million yuan of funds are earmarked each year to support the LED industry.

· Shenzhen Science and Technology R&D Fund arranges 75 million yuan each year to set up a key common technology research project for semiconductor lighting technology, and carry out a number of major research and development projects on major key technologies and common technologies to enhance the core competitiveness of the semiconductor lighting industry.

· In Shenzhen, invest in projects with weak or missing semiconductor lighting industry chains such as substrate materials, epitaxial wafers, chips and related manufacturing equipment. If the investment exceeds 100 million yuan, enjoy the major project benefits of the municipal government and provide a maximum of 3 million yuan. .

· Semiconductor lighting products manufacturers will carry out research and development projects for new technologies, new products and new technologies that meet the prescribed conditions. The city's science and technology research and development funds will be funded by up to 3 million yuan.

· The semiconductor lighting enterprise can carry out technological transformation and enjoy the subsidy of up to 6 million yuan for technological transformation loans and up to 5 million yuan of interest-free loans. Relevant imported equipment under technical transformation shall enjoy import tax preferential policies and convenient customs clearance services in accordance with relevant state regulations.

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