Chimei, Innolux and Tongbao Optoelectronics merge to form a new company

CIC: Chimei Innolux Corporation is a new company formed by the merger of CMO, Innolux Display and TPO Displays. The company was formally established on March 18th. Hsing C Tuan, Chairman and President of Innolux, served as CEO of the company.

Hsing C Tuan said that in 2010, CIC's capital expenditures are expected to reach NT$60 billion (US$1.89 billion), including capacity expansion of 8.5-generation and 6-generation line plants with more than NT$40 billion, and more than Other investment and expenses of NT$1 billion.

Hsing C Tuan said that at the end of 2010, the company's 8.5-generation line factory will have a monthly production capacity of 27,000 pieces. In 2011, its monthly production capacity will reach 54,000 pieces.

Hsing C Tuan said that in 2009, Chi Mei Optoelectronics has invested NT$40 billion in the 8.5-generation line factory, and CIC plans to invest another NT$20 billion to expand its capacity in 2010. In addition, it will be used for 2011. It is NT$8 billion. Hsing C Tuan also said that if new technology needs to be introduced, the 8.5-generation line factory may need to invest NT$6 billion.

Hsing C Tuan said that CIC plans to expand its monthly capacity of its 6th generation line plant from the current 104,000 pieces to 180,000 pieces and will spend NT$20 billion.

Hsing C Tuan pointed out that due to the complete supply chain, CIC's monthly revenue is expected to reach NT$40-50 billion in 2010.

Hsing C Tuan pointed out that CIC is a company that provides customers with a full range of display solutions, covering upstream panel production and downstream module and system manufacturing.

Dual Function Key Switches

Dual Function Key Switches  is a Key Switchesthat combines Electric Key Switch  and Mechanical Key Lock, which is Simultaneously have power control and could mechanically protect the equipment from invading.

Our company's Key Lock Electrical Switches has mounting dimensions of 12mm and 19mm. This 2 Position Key Switch is widely used in the field of security products, which not only can achieve the function of switching power supply but also could protect customer`s confidential data.

Electrical Key Switch

Below are the specifications:

Electrical and row piece dual function

Zinc alloy die cast housing and cylinder

Barrel chrome or nickel plated standard

Lock case, white iron cover

4 disc tumbler mechanism

Brass tubular keys or Bilateral bilateral milling copper key, nickel plated

The iron bar has a standard size of 13mm or Row Piece, can be made according to customer requirements.

Key may be withdraws in one or both position aSilver terminals and Contacts.

Dual Function Key Switches

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