Three things at a time in the sun: Auntie Headphone Stand, Mountain Spirit H1.2 Decoder, AKG K712 PRO

Ten thousand yuan below hear a ring.

Since I don't have ten thousand, then I'll make a noise.

I originally wanted to get a three-piece alpaca, namely Nuwave decoder + He Qinghua C2 amp + headphones. Alpaca three-piece is such a thing: a certain headset industry KOL alpaca, he supported this set of collocation, basically he is recommending this set of 10,000 yuan, and we found that this set is indeed quite nice, so it became The famous three-piece set.

The result... He Qinghua's purchase method of the amp was a bit unaccustomed, and as a student party, the budget was tight... so I chose to compromise... After many considerations, I decided to purchase the mountain spirit H1.2. Decode amp machine.

Let's start with headphones and headphones


The headset was bought in a physical store, Slovak production, the number is not very nice (5114) - - but I'm not superstitious, not afraid ... Originally sold 1799, friendship price gave me a fraction of 99. In fact, the activity price of dogs and cats can be 1,499, but given that I listened to the headphones for 3 years in the store, they are mature with their clerk... It's good to buy a headset in their home to support them. .

This headset is very familiar to everyone, and I don't want to spend a lot of space to introduce it... Personally think that it is the most mature, but also the most characteristic AKG big hands to do. The tuning was finally at Zhongzheng... No 701, the kind of flowing mid-high, also strengthened the low-frequency volume and overall sound thickness. The result is that the sound is more popular and more adaptable. But still speaking from the sound characteristics, there is still the taste of AKG in it.

And we all know that when the 701 was pushed, the voice was too thin and thorny, 712 increased the thickness of the voice, strengthened the low frequency, and at least it was not so ugly. However, it was still in a very unpleasant category.

Well, it's interesting to have a headset . It was sent to attend a line activity under Zhang Aunt.

Aunt Zhang really understands me hahaha, knowing that I want to buy AKG headphones and send this kind of T-shaped shelf. AKG's big hands do not recommend using U-shaped headset, it may lead to aging adaptive beam! With a T-frame, you must be hanging like me!

Printed aunt LOGO! ! ! You can recharge your faith!

In fact, this kind of custom earphone holder is a kind of high cost for all earphone holders. From here, Zhang Aunt really sees sincerity, hahaha. Thanks Zhang Aunt.

Well, the introduction of the headset and the headset is complete.

The key is to introduce the decoding of H1.2.

Shan Ling's products, in addition to the recently launched M Series portable player, the rest are very unpopular. Because as a foundry, Shan Ling does not care much about the general consumer market. In fact, there are many foreign decoders and amp products are all OEM products from Mountain Ling and even ODM. What are the specific models? This is a commercial secret I do not know, hahaha.

This H1.2 is actually listed in September! Latest Products. Compared to the old models, the filter module was mainly changed to enhance the amp. There is no evaluation on the new machine network... so I actually volunteered to be a mouse. Do not talk nonsense, first out of the box. (Student dog dormitory conditions are difficult, do not Tucao photo shoot how ah, ha ha ha)

In addition to the host, there is a remote control, power cord, and USB cable included.

The supplied remote control is a metal panel and it feels good. But what to Tucao is: You are all a nearly 4k machine, the remote control to send the battery will die? Also, the size of the remote control that was sent was quite large. It was found that only five of the buttons were functional... Will Shanling customize a smaller remote control for this machine to die? Tucao finished.

Front page. The position of the button knob is reasonable, the hand feels good, and the display effect, brightness, etc. are just right. (This design is a bit of a dragon style)

Top view. The fuselage adopts a brushed design. Like many popular products, Shan Ling's decoding is slender. To be honest, I still like the traditional shape....Do not be too wide...

Give everyone a look at the details of the design. Really, Shan Ling is a foundry, this appearance, this workmanship, this detail. . Do not know that after the explosion of many other domestic products a few streets ... What's more, this decoding as long as 3800 yuan (workman seconds a lot of domestic million machine ...), double 11 may have a discount ... but I can't wait, starting at the original price.

The only complaint is that the volume knob is very small and small, personally feel too stingy .... The front version has a 6.35mm headphone jack. I heard Apple is ready to take the lead to eliminate 3.5mm interface? ? Since then 6.35mm is the mainstream headphone jack? Hahahaha.

Hmmm... There are a lot of official pictures on the back of the web, and I don't get the sun... In short, the optical coaxial USB iPod input is complete, with XLR and RCA output for pure decoding.

This product's USB uses the most popular XMOS program, under the Windows system to download the driver. Shanling official website there.

The new version of the official said increased the thrust of the amp module. I don't know about the old version of the thrust, but the new version of the push 712 has enough volume to open it to about 1/4.

By the way, this machine is not hot, but it's only warm for a long time (it's estimated that it's a Class D amplification, I said casually).

Say the sound directly : First of all, I haven't touched this machine for a few days, so I can only give an impression.

Shanling officials say this machine is slightly warm, moist and smooth. However, since the amp is not enough to push the k712 well, the sound is still slightly thin and dry, and it does not reflect the sound of this machine. Of course, the biggest problem with not having an independent amp to push k712 is that the low-frequency dive is insufficient and the elasticity is not good. It sounds like a “knock on cement” (my own invented words hahahaha). So even if Shan Ling official also said that "engineers are tuning with k702," but limited to the amp module, this machine still can not fully promote the AKG K6/7 series of headphones. However, it is estimated that high-impedance headphones such as HD600 and DT880 will be very good. Putting aside the amps, I don't say that the quality of this machine is quite good, the resolution, the degree of separation are good, the sound field is OK, and the sound is really smooth (but I don't feel warm, after all, I didn't push good voices dry), Personally feel that this machine, if it is said that the decoding quality, in this price I have heard the machine is regarded as the leader.

Of course, there is a problem, that is, my k712 is a new machine is not open, after listening to a few hundred hours, the problem of insufficient sound should be able to ease.

It can be imagined that assuming the amp is good enough, the k712 pusher should be good enough. So I dug myself a pit, that is, buy an iH6, He Qinghua c2 like amp. . . But the student party is poor, and IELTS is still in World War II (my requirement is overall 6.5, each item is not less than 6. I read the first time, the spoken language is significantly higher than the requirement, the writing score is enough, and the spoken language is worse by 0.5. Points, my God, that the examiner deliberately angered me, so at the moment I'm using this set to make a hahaha.

Finally... we have very difficult conditions in this dormitory (the only advantage is in the city center, within the Sanhuan District of Haidian District, 20 minutes from the headphone shop, 233), many insects, poor environment will not say, 6 people living in the dwelling In the small house, the table was only enough for 2-3 people, so I used to decode the bed. On the one hand, the table can't fit. It's better to listen to music while lying or sitting on the bed than to sit and listen to it comfortably. Let's take a photo of my HiFi system on my bed, hahaha.

This is my top floor. . . Always fear that the machine will fall. . .

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