Guangdong street lights will all be replaced by LED

Shenzhen Special Zone News, Guangzhou, September 13th (Shenzhen Newspaper Group, Guangzhou-based reporter Li Ming) Recently, the reporter was informed at the inauguration ceremony of "Guangdong LED Engineering Research Center", "Guangdong Green Industry Investment Fund Contract Energy Management (EMC) Alliance Procurement The implementation of the standard "through the expert review, Guangdong LED energy-saving Street Lamp replacement program officially launched.

“Guangdong LED Engineering Research Center” is jointly established by Guangdong Green Industry Investment Fund headquartered in Shenzhen and South China University of Technology. The center strives to achieve results within two to three years. In the next 3-5 years, Guangdong Green Industry Investment Fund will organize upstream and downstream enterprises in the "contract energy management (EMC)" mode, and continue to invest in Guangdong public lighting system. Renovation of 5 million LED energy-saving street lamps in Guangdong.

The new LED energy-saving lamps can save up to 60% energy per year compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. One LED energy-saving street lamp can reduce carbon dioxide by 185 kilograms. LED energy-saving lamps are more energy efficient than conventional lamps, but at the same time the price is relatively high. The EMC Alliance can generate a polymerization effect, obtain the bargaining power of raw materials, greatly reduce the cost of raw material procurement and production, and ultimately reduce the price significantly.

The camera street light is used to use the infrared network high definition intelligent ball's various features so that it can be widely used in the need of large-scale hd quality control of the site.

Functional properties

â‘ Smart Function:Smart Tracing,Smart Inspecting,Smart Road Monitor

â‘¡System Function:Smart Video,Smart Photo Enhancement

â‘¢Movement Function

â‘£Network Function

Camera Lights

Camera Lights

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