Young people are the mainstream customers of VR

18-23 young people are mainstream users of VR, male users accounted for 94% of the proportion. What is the demand for virtual reality for a large number of young people?

Finding new fun from personal interests

Curiosity and interest are the prerequisites for young people to enter virtual reality. This interest and curiosity is based on years of edifying games and shameless films. What kind of VR games do they meet their needs? To meet young people, you need to know what type of games they like.

Competitiveness is the commonality of young people of this age group. Shooting, blood, adventure, exploration, knowledge, and exercise are their endorsements. They can fully attract the young people's hobbies. Without exception, shooting became the mainstream in VR games. Putting on VR head-ups and entering virtual reality to fight monsters or open-air vehicles and spaceships can make people excited and feel happy in the shortest possible time.

The current black and white collection of black shield and the original data VR are outstanding representatives of such games, science fiction themes + blood + adventure + shooting + monsters + competition, to mobilize the appetite of young people, VR games under the feast It's hard not to immerse.

However, hundreds of VR games are the mainstream of current VR games, and casual games account for more. However, in the majority of male users, casual games are not cold. Simply and directly will be the conclusion drawn by VR game developers after undergoing market washing. The VR game is still in the initial performance stage. The user's presentation of visual effects will be the basic appeal of the first impression. After all, no one wants to kneel down in the monstrous power of Mosaic.

Vive's security perimeter allows users to clearly see the scope of their designated space activities. On the border between red and blue, there is the world of mosaics and the distant mountains and sky are still somewhat blurred. In terms of Virgo, there are defects that make them uncomfortable.

In addition to the picture, the simulation gun, ie the controller, becomes a mouse-like presence. For example, can a PC computer, a few mice, and a few hundred mice compare? Obviously not, especially in highly-stressed VR shooter games, the loss of control at the critical moment can be maddening.

This is why Rift insists on the development of the Touch. Few manufacturers are so excited to raise the handle controller to this height. Being an artifact-like existence is also very attractive for young people. Will it be the Yitian Sword Dragon Dagger inside the server?

The price is also young people are concerned about, they may not have money to buy Vive, Rift, PSVR, but can play a few tens to hundreds of pieces of VR glasses, and in the domestic market this kind of VR glasses is the mainstream demand, shipments also Very high.

What cheap VR glasses can buy? It also allows the majority of young people to meet, see movies, see beauty, play horror games, etc. can be achieved. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on VR computers and devices, you can enjoy some of the most intriguing sources in the market.

These young people who have changed from PCs, mobile games, consoles, web pages, and mobile games have extraordinary acceptance and comprehension capabilities. Please firmly grasp their needs.

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